Friday, 2 August 2013

Born at 28 weeks!!!

Another blog entry looking back.. this one details the moments before and immediately after when they were born.

Not 2 minutes after the girls and my mum left I was wheeled upstairs. Alex got whisked off to change into scrubs still not knowing if was actually going to allowed in yet and then I got wheeled into the theatre. The anesthesiologist checked if we had enough time for me to have a spinal block, not everybody was ready yet so he said we did. I was please the thought of being put to sleep scared me, I really wanted to see my babies born and mostly \\i was pleased that Alex would be able to be there.
The giving me the spinal block was suprisinly painless. I then was prepped for theatre, as this was going on I can remember was the endless stream of people pouring in all busy making there own preparations. I remember looking over to my right and saw two respriators marked twin 1 and twin 2 suddenly it hit in a matter of moments my babies were going to be born.

Considering the amount of people in the room and the urgency of the situation the atmosphere remain calm and relaxed throughout. I remember talking to the anestheiologist and his assistant about our girls and the baby names we had chosen.  I remember hearing others chat about the Olympics tonight was the night of the opening ceremony some had sky plus it and the anestheiologist had volunteered to help as part of the medical team. as they chatted I felt a lot of tugging and pulling and I was dreading what was going to happen next I was so scared.

at 18.49 on the 27th july twin 1 was born, what happened next astounded me I heard a cry, a proper new baby cry. I never thought a baby born at 28 weeks would come out crying. No sooner as I was getting my head around the sound of crying at 18.50 twin 2 was born and then I heard another cry a tiny bit of relief came over me they were both out and both alive. thet were taken over to the resprators immediately after birth not even time for a quick snatched look ove rthe sheeting. alex look over and I told him to go and see them. he took his camera

The next thing was the neonatal team were wheeling the babies out and across to the the neonatal unit. With each baby before they left the room they wheeled by me , paused just at my bed side giving me a quick first glimpse of my babies then quickly sped off again. each time they stopped I was even more surprised that each baby had there eyes open. I looked deep inside there eyes and before I knew it they were gone.

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