Friday, 13 September 2013

1st Birthday Celebrations!!!!

A few months ago I wrote a blog for mojomums about my thoughts and my emotions as I counted down to the Twin’s 1st Birthday and as how as part of their 1st birthday celebrations we would try and raise money for Watford SCBU.

I am overjoyed to announce, by sharing our story and asking for donations for such a wonderful cause we managed to raise £430!!!

We are truly overwhelmed by everybody’s generosity and want to thank everyone for their support and help in raising the amount we did.
(Although you still have time to make a donation, just go to )

The week counting down to the Twin’s 1st birthday was an emotional one. During the darkest days bringing both babies home seemed such a distant dream, we couldn’t even dare dream of reaching such a goal of a first birthday, now a whole year later we all had made it!!!

During that week I kept having vivid, mainly distorted surreal dreams of flashbacks our time in special care mixed up with the present day. One dream/nightmare I had was a flashback to one particular day, Owens darkest day.. But in this dream Owen wasnt the tiny prem baby of the past, as events unfolded the same, This time Owen was the 1 year old baby he is today.

Buying presents, decorations etc left me exhausted which added to my emotional state. Towards the end of the week the party preparations took over pushing unruly thoughts out of my mind. The only darkness that hung over me now was the weather forecast which predicted thunder storms and rain on the Saturday, Party day. Whatever the weather, nothing could put a dampen our sprits.

Thursday I baked and baked, Friday my mum and I iced and iced our cupcakes, finally “The Hungry Caterpillar Cake” was made. Alex picked up the balloons .. Lots of them!!!!
Presents were wrapped. Decorations put up. We were ready.

The day arrived!!! In the morning we all went downstairs and the big sisters proudly helped Owen and Florence unwrap presents and cards. It was quiet and relaxed it was the 6 of us, it was perfect.

We soon got busy with party preparations and before we knew it the party was in full swing. Sounds of Family and Friends, laughter and celebrations filled our house and garden. Birthday wishes cheered, presents and cards piled up,

It truly was a day of happiness and joy. Our beloved babies were surrounded by Love. Thank you to everyone who made it special. We felt truly blessed.

A few days after the party we made a visit back to Watford scbu, armed with cupcakes made by a lovely talented local cake maker. She also did our wedding cake. When she heard about our cause she was keen to get involved as her goddaughter too was born prematurely and was under the expert care of Watford SCBU. Denise of Tapestry Cakes made us a lovely huge box of cupcakes to thank the staff for free, suggesting we donate the fee to our cause. It was a lovely gesture.

It truly was so nice to see everyone who was working that day again.
The staff were so happy to see us, as we were to see them. It was just like visiting Family. We told them about our fundraising, and they said we could have a say in what the money was spent on.
Walking up and down that dreaded corridor brought back memories of all the times we walked the walk,  be it walking towards the babies wondering what that day would bring or walking away with tears building in my eyes as I left my babies for the night.
It felt very strange when the visit was over to walk out together, all six of us. It was lovely.

Going back to where it all began was such a lovely and poignant way to celebrate Owens and Florence’s first birthday.

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