Friday, 20 December 2013

Ophthalmology Appointment (eyes)

Before we are thrown full throttle in amongst the middle of the season to be jolly,  I thought I would write a quick post to give a quick catch up on one of Owens most recent appointments we have had.

It was Owens quarterly Ophthalmology Appointment, or Eye appointment.

(please read previous blog post "Baby Blue Eyes" for an background about concerns with his eyes)

Well this appointment was a quick one. We saw a consultant pretty much straight away.  The Consultant said that as we already ready discussed Owen appears to be long sighted, But apart from that The Consultant said there isn't anything he can see physically wrong with his actual eyes.

 Although Owen still does not fix on a light routinely and his eyes tends to deviate consistently to the left. Owen does not appear to have a squint. I told the consultant I have seen a great improvement in what I think he can see and that Owen has begun to follow movements much more. I also said I was still worried about the consistency of his sight as at times he appears vacate.

 Owens Consultant then said he would refer for an appointment at Great Ormond Street where they would carry out an Electrodiagnostic Test. This would be a more in depth eye test looking at his optic nerve and retina. They would use electrodes to find out how much Owens Eyes sees and how much his brain registers what he sees. This test will be really helpful to give us greater knowledge about Owens sight. 

We haven't had an referral through the post yet, but will be sometime in the New year.
After this test, we have an appointment back with Owens Watford Eye Consultant to discuss findings. This isn't till March.

I will obviously keep you updated.

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