Wednesday, 4 December 2013

World Prematurity Day - Thank you for the memories

Today is World prematurity Day so I thought it was the perfect chance to share a few of our moments and memories of our days spent in Watford Special Care Baby Unit.

Watford Special Care  Baby Unit is a secret world away from reality, It is  located on the top floor of the Maternity Block through a barrage of security doors.

Meeting my babies for the first time
Straight after the birth I only managed to get a quick glance at each of my babies as the staff from SCBU paused with there incubators giving me just the quickest of introductions before whisking off with each of them to the Special Care Unit. I remember two things with fondness from that experience; my total shock of hearing them cry at delivery and even more shock that when I saw them for those few precious seconds they both had there eyes wide open and seemed to be staring right at me.  Not long after they left I was about to be wheeled to recovery but took a turn for the worse, next thing I remember is having an oxygen mask thrust upon me. Because I was poorly they were hesitate to let me go and see my babies, After much pleading I was finally able to visit my babies for the first time the next day later in the afternoon.... As long as I was pushed in a wheelchair with a cylinder of oxygen attached in case I became unwell again.

Here are a few more pictures of some of our time spent In Special Care

Changing Florence's Nappy 

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